Viotek Android TV Box/Mini Tablet PC

7 Inch Touchscreen, Intel Quad Core CPU (2GB Ram/32GB Rom)

Viotek Android TV Box Mini Tablet PC

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Now this is one hell of a treat. Here we have a hybrid mini TV and tablet in one. It comes already loaded with everything you need to enjoy your favourite entertainment, such as Kodi, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Cloud TV, Pandora. It comes with loads of free streaming add-ons, so you no longer have to pay any monthly subscriptions. It has 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, twice as much as a standard tablet.

But wait, it gets even better! You are also not restricted just to one operating system. It has dual boot, enabling you to choose between Windows or Android.

AND…check this out: you can even plug it into your standard TV and watch all the free streaming videos on a full-size screen. As one existing owner puts it, for less than $100, you get a well thought out solid Android/Windows Media Wonder in a tiny footprint.

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